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fundraising resources

On this page find 9 steps to organising your own fundraising activity an A-Z of ideas.

fundraising 9 steps

9 steps to organising your activity


decide what to do


Once you have decided to fundraise for The Haven the next step would be to decide what you would like to do! Check out our A to Z of Fundraising Ideas for some of the weird and wonderful ideas that our supporters have been inspiring us with over the years including lots of new ideas to help with your own fundraising.


the plan


Decide what you are going to do. Will you take part in a virtual challenge event like climbing Ben Nevis or will you organise an online quiz night? When are where is your activity taking place? How will you get people involved in supporting you?


set a fundraising target


It’s a good idea to set a fundraising target so that people know how much you want to raise and how that would help support families affected by life limiting illness.


set up a fundraising page


One of the best things you can do is to set up an online fundraising page for your fundraising activity. Not only does this provide a quick and safe way for people to donate online, pages like these are perfect to share on your social media.

Make the most of your page by:

  • Telling your story – why are you supporting The Haven. Personal stories can really help to capture the imagination of people and encourage them to support you.

  • Upload photos – using pictures can bring your page to life and make it much more interesting.

  • Share the link – sharing the link on Facebook can help people to easily find your page and find out more information about what you are doing.


getting the word out


Check out our Promoting Your Activity top tips on how to get the word out there about your event/activity. When referring to how you are supporting The Haven please always refer to it is ‘in aid of The Haven’.


staying safe and legal


It is important when organising an event that you make sure you stay safe. There are some laws that govern all charity fundraising. Check out our Safe and Legal section for more information on things that may be relevant to you. If you would like to ask more information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our events team, call 01555 811846 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday or email events@thehavencentre. We aim to respond to  your enquiry within two working days.


collect your sponsorship


Don’t be afraid of reminding people who have said they will sponsor you and try to collect the money as soon as possible after the event. Don’t forget to ask if Gift Aid can be collected on their sponsorship and record this on your sponsor form. All we need is their name and postcode to be able to make the claim. Gift Aid allows The Haven to claim an additional 25p per every £1 donated.


ask your employer about 'matched funding'


Many companies and organisations have a charitable giving policy. Find out whether your workplace, or anyone else involved in the activity, offers a matched giving scheme where they match or contribute a proportion of the total you raise.


return the funds you raise


Once you have finished raising your funds please make sure that they are returned to us promptly. The faster we receive your donation the faster it can be used to help support families affected by life limiting illness. For details on how to pay in your funds click here.

fundraising a to z

a-z of fundraising ideas

promoting your event

promoting your fundraising


Promoting your event or activity can help you to raise more money and more awareness of The Haven to other people in your local community. You can do this in a number of ways.

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Click here for other ways to get involved with supporting The Haven

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