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First of all, we want to say we're are sorry for your loss.

We know bereavement affects us all in so many different ways and at different times. Your bereavement may have been sudden and unexpected or come at the end of a long journey with a life-limiting illness. 

The Haven is here for you and your family. And we can face the future together. 

I am bereaved of a family member


We are here for you

ON THIS PAGE: We explain how The Haven could support you.

The first step would be an informal conversation with one of our qualified Haven Nurses.


A Haven Nurse will call you and give you space to talk to:

  • Process what is going on. 

  • Tell them about what is important to you now. 

  • Ask any of the many questions you probably have


Your nurse will tell you about any organisations or services that may be able to help you and share with you how The Haven could support you and your family.

If this first conversation is all you need from us at the moment that’s fine. But we are here for you whenever you need us. You can come back to The Haven at any time; as often as you need.

"It gave me time
to reflect and
process grief.
It was emotional
but it is what
I needed."


WIN: what's important now?

If you feel The Haven is the right support for you now, we will arrange to have a more in depth conversation. This will be either over the phone or in a video call, whatever is best for you. Where possible, you will speak with the same nurse throughout your support with The Haven. 

If it will be helpful, we will also arrange a chat with our Children, Young People and Families Coordinator to explore with you how The Haven could support young people in your family.

In this second conversation, we will work through a process called WIN (What’s Important Now). We’ll spend time talking together about your goals, and hopes, and plans for now and for the future. We will work out how we can best help you and your family and put together a tailored programme of support.

"I would
recommend to
anyone. It helped
me see that
I had not
forgotten them."


SUPPORT: shaped by you

Your tailored programme of support is shaped by you. It will be built around you and be adaptable to meet your ongoing needs. These programmes can be short, medium, or long-term and include a mixture of

  • Support Sessions

  • Support Activities

  • Wellbeing Sessions

  • Wellbeing Activities.

You can find out more about these services by clicking here. 


We will review your support with you at regular intervals and continue to ask, “What’s important now” because we know that situations and priorities change over time.

What do you need to do?


The best thing to do right now is simply to get in touch with us so we can arrange to have an informal conversation with you. Call us on 01555 811846, we are available between 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday or between 10am-1pm on Fridays.

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