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Who are we


The Haven provides practical and emotional support to individuals, families, children, young people and carers across Lanarkshire affected by life-limiting illnesses or bereavement. All services are free and delivered by video or telephone call by pre-booked appointments.

For over twenty years, we have been supporting local people in Lanarkshire and surrounding areas to help them deal with the physical and emotional responses to life. 

Our specialist team comprising of Specialist Nurses, our Child & Family Co-ordinator and Wellbeing Practitioner provide practical and inspiring one-to-one support and resources to help you throughout every stage of illness from diagnosis, during and after treatment and at end of life - including bereavement support.

The Haven is here for you.

I am a carer


We are here for you

When someone in our family has a life-limiting illness it can be difficult to know what to do. There can be times where everything is going really well and then, moments where we, our family members or children need some support.

It may be that the person you care for has just received a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness or, perhaps you have been journeying through this for a long time? 

Whatever you are facing we are here for you.

“I thought being a carer would be something I could manage with no problem at all. When I found The Haven it was like a lifeline...I find the weight of the world is taken off my shoulders and I can cope again for another week.”


ON THIS PAGE: We explain how The Haven could support you. 

With The Haven the first step will be an informal conversation with one of our team members. They will call you and give you space to talk:


  • To process what is going on 

  • To tell them about your needs 

  • And ask any of the many questions you might have


The Haven team member will then share with you about how we could support you as a carer, your family and the person you are caring for. They will also tell you about any other organisations and services that may be able to help – we call that signposting. Helping you to find the best support possible. 

If this first conversation is all you need from us at the moment that’s fine. But we are here for you whenever you need us. You can come back to The Haven at any time; as often as you need.

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without you


WIN: what's important now?

If you feel The Haven is the right support for you now, we will arrange to have a more in-depth conversation. This will be either over the phone or in a video call, whatever is best for you. Where possible, you will speak with the same nurse throughout your support with The Haven.

In this second conversation, we will work through a process called WIN (What’s Important Now). We’ll spend time talking together about your goals, and hopes, and plans for now and for the future. We will work out how we can best help you and put together a tailored programme of support.

"I felt better
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someone he
could talk to"


SUPPORT: shaped by you

Your tailored programme of support is shaped by you with our team. It will be built around you and be adaptable to meet your ongoing needs. These programmes can be short, medium or long-term and include a mixture of 

  • Support Sessions

  • Support Activities

  • Wellbeing Sessions

  • Wellbeing Activities 


You can find out more about these services by clicking here.

We will review your support with you at regular intervals and continue to ask, “What’s important now” because we know that situations and priorities change over time.

What do you need to do?


The best thing to do right now is simply to get in touch with us so we can arrange to have an informal conversation with you. Call us on 01555 811846, we are available between 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday or between 10am-1pm on Fridays.

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