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Hi there. This page on our website is just for you.


You might have heard about The Haven before or perhaps someone in your family or at your school told you that The Haven would be a good thing to check out.

We are here to help you. Because sometimes we all need a bit of help or support. At The Haven we help people like you. People with someone in their family who has a life-limiting illness. And what we love to do is give you space to be you. And space to think or talk about what is going on in your family. The Haven is a safe and confidential space and time for you to think about and talk about your worries and the impact that a loved one’s diagnosis has had on you.

I am a child or young person


you can talk to us about your worries and how you are feeling

Caroline is our:

‘children young people and family coordinator!’ ... and perhaps has the longest job title in the world ever?


You can talk to Caroline. She can help you and give you the support that you might need. We are here for you!

"My life completely changed when my Mum was diagnosed with cancer. The Haven gave me a place to talk honestly about how I was feeling "


 what's important now? 

A parent or guardian will get in touch with us at The Haven. We’ll have a chat with them and have a chat with you as well, to find out what’s important to you now. We call that WIN! Do you see what we did there … WIN … What’s Important Now. Clever huh!

This WIN chat will be a time for you to tell us about the things that you like or make you happy, the stuff you’re worried about and a time to ask literally any questions that you might have.

Caroline will tell you about how The Haven could support you and your family. We might also tell you about any other organisations, services and websites that could help you – we call that signposting. Helping you to find the best support possible. Because you matter!

This first chat might be all you need from us at the moment and that’s fine. But The Haven are here for you whenever you need us. You can come back to The Haven at any time; as often as you need.


 just for you 

There might be some of the things we talk about that you think sound good or that you’ll enjoy and find helpful. Great! We will help you and a parent or guardian put together a tailored programme of support for you. Programme of support…that’s another super fancy title isn’t it! 

Yours will be made up just for you and might include a mixture of 

  • Support Sessions

  • Support Activities

  • Wellbeing Sessions

  • Wellbeing Activities 

You can click here to find out more about them.

Also just so you know we will review your tailored programme of support with you sometimes to just check that you’re still finding it helpful. As time goes on we might suggest some other things you could try out.

"They helped
me through
one of the
hardest things
that I've ever
had to face"


 what do you need to do? 

You don’t need to do anything right now. Except maybe chat with your parent(s) or guardian about The Haven and if you’ve got any questions, they might be able to answer them. Or if not remember, when you have a meeting with Caroline you can ask any questions you have then.

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