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The Haven express gratitude for recent donation

The Haven is pleased to announce its appreciation for the recent donation made by the Lodge Livingstone Stonefield 599.

Local charity, The Haven provides a variety of digital and in-person support to individuals, families and carers affected by a life-limiting illness - including bereavement support.

This support is made possible through the generosity and kindness of individuals, groups and organisations within the local community.

The Haven's Business Support Manager, June Torley and Service Manager, Louise Gardner were recently presented with a cheque donation from RWM James O’Donnell, on behalf of Lodge Livingstone Stonefield 599 who continually provide support to the local community.

RWM James O’Donnell, said:

"It is great to support a local charity like The Haven. We recognise the importance of the work they do and the people they help support. The Lodge Livingstone Stonefield 599 and its members - some of whom have been members for over 50+ years - do our very best to offer a great deal of support to the local community through various charitable work and donations to ensure the sustainability of charitable organisations.

Thank you to The Haven and other local projects and groups who continue to help people across Lanarkshire".

Paul Hayward, Campaigns and Communications Officer for The Haven, said:

"We are committed to improving the quality of life of individuals living with a life-limiting illness and to provide uplifting and inspiring supportive services to their family members who may also be affected.

“With the support of local groups and organisations, we can continue our work and make a real, positive, lasting difference in the lives of those who need our support most.

“We are extremely grateful to RWM Jim O’Donnell and members of the Lodge Livingstone Stonefield 599 for their donation and extend our heartfelt thanks for their continued support".

To learn more about The Haven, or to arrange support for you or your family, please call 01555 811846, email: or visit:

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