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Staff from Sainsbury’s Hamilton recently gathered on Sunday 10th September 2023 with family and friends of Kerry Hutchison, to honour the memory of their cherished colleague, to participate in a charity walk ‘10k The Kerry Way’ - helping to raise over £2300 of vital funds for local charity, The Haven.

The event was organised by the team at Sainsbury’s in Hamilton as a heartfelt tribute to Daughter, Mum, Sister, Gran, and friend, Kerry, who touched the lives of so many people thanks to her kindness, bubbly personality, and positivity.

The memorial walk also provided an opportunity to raise vital funds for a local charity, The Haven, who are dedicated to providing invaluable assistance and support to individuals, families and carers who are or have been affected by a life-limiting illness in their family, or when someone is unwell or died.

Starting at Sainsbury’s Hamilton, over 50 colleagues, family and friends braved the hot weather to walk 10k to Strathclyde Park and back. The walk received overwhelming support from the local community as passer-by’s gave well-wishes and encouragement, and there’s been an overwhelming amount of generous donations pouring in from those who knew Kerry, and those who wanted to support a good cause. To date, an impressive £2347.00 has already been raised.

Paul Hayward, Campaigns and Communications Officer for The Haven, said “We were so very humbled to have been invited along to be part of ‘10K the Kerry Way, and grateful to Kerry’s family and friends for deciding to raise funds in aid of The Haven to help other families. The team at Sainsbury’s Hamilton has worked very hard in pulling it all together, and what a lovely, emotional memorial event it turned out to be.

Through informal conversations with everyone who was there, it was evident how much of a positive impact Kerry made on those she worked with, and of course her family, friends and people who knew her. We are so grateful to everyone who showed their support and are so thankful we were invited along on the day.”

The Haven would like to thank James Farquharson (Store Manager), Donna Paterson (Customer Experience Manager) and the team at the Sainsbury’s store in Hamilton, Kerry’s family and friends, and everyone who participated in the 10K and have donated to support their cause.

There is still time to donate to ‘10k the Kerry Way’ by visiting:

Watch the video below:

To find out more information about the support available at The Haven, please call 01555 811846, email:, or visit:

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