Precautionary notice: Coronavirus

Facing the future together with hope


How we can support you

Our center based services are currently suspended due to the current covid-19 restrictions in place. Haven support continues to remain be available to existing, new and previous clients through our new Wellbeing Support Services.

A diagnosis of a life limiting illness can be a traumatic and life changing event, not just for the person living with the illness but for the entire family as well.

Our Haven Centres provide practical and emotional support to complement medical treatment provided through statutory services. Our centres are welcoming, comfortable and calm places for our clients to escape the stress and anxiety of living with a life limiting illness.

We aim to alleviate physical and emotional distress by supporting clients and their families to live life positively with hope, by providing information and support at all stages of illness.

Clients can talk to our specialist nurses, access our range of therapies, engage with our peer support volunteers or they can simply find a quiet space to reflect.

Haven Services

Our support services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Each of our centres offers varied programmes of support including nurse support, complementary therapies, counselling, group support, peer support and lending libraries.

Support from each of our three centres may also include support at home for the clients as part of a flexible, timely, responsive approach. Support may be delivered in the client’s own home if appropriate for their needs (eg living in a rural area, advanced illness, complex caring responsibilities).

Currently we offer nurse and therapy support at home from our Forth Centre and therapy support at home from our Blantyre and Wishaw Centres.

We have also developed a number of different specific support services including The Haven Lymphoedema Self Management Service, Children and Young People’s Service and dementia support.

You can read more about each service by visiting via the boxes below.