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Children and Young People’s Service

Children and Family SupportThe Haven Children and Young People’s Service helps to support children and young people to feel resilient and strong, enabling them to understand their own emotions and to be confident enough to share the natural feelings of loss when someone they care about is seriously ill or has died.

The concept of resilience can be understood as the means by which children thrive emotionally, behaviourally, academically and interpersonally either in the face of risk and adversity or not.

A resilient child will be able to rebound from disappointment, mistakes and trauma to develop clear and realistic goals to solve problems, to mix comfortably with others and to treat him/herself and others with respect and dignity.


“It’s nice to feel listened to. I don’t feel I am carrying everything on my own anymore and dad and I are definitely getting along better. It’s been a huge help to come here and talk to you. It’s reassuring to know that I can come back if I feel I’m beginning to struggle again.” Young Person


What do we offer?


Our Children’s Service is split into two groups:

  • Juniors (5 yrs – 11yrs)
  • Seniors (12 yrs – 16yrs)

Each group is supported through a range of therapeutic arts, physical activities and workshops as well as one to one reviews and evaluations.

Children and young people have access to resources specifically aimed at children and young people who have been affected by bereavement or a life-limiting illness of a loved one.

We also offer 1:1 support sessions and group support through the eight week solution focussed ‘Give us a Break’ programme.


We have a lending library of books to help children cope with bereavement, grief and loss.


The Children and Young People’s Service in our Forth centre is currently being developed in line with the needs of the local community.

We currently have a lending library of books to help children cope with bereavement, grief and loss.