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Facing the future together with hope


About us

We are a registered charity providing support to people affected by a range of life limiting illnesses and to their family members and carers.

The Haven supports people across the whole of North and South Lanarkshire through our centres in Blantyre, Wishaw and Forth, on a self referral basis. All our services are free and totally confidential.

The story of The Haven

The Haven was founded in 2002 after being a vision of Dr Rosalie Dunn MBE to widen the scope of supportive and palliative care services to include people living with non-malignant disease. This move was completely ahead of its time and we are incredibly proud that our Blantyre Centre was one of the first of its kind in Scotland.

Dr Dunn recognised a need for additional support for her clients and felt there needed to be a place where clients could be offered practical and emotional support in a non-clinical setting.

The Haven started off with one centre, one nurse and (an incredible) 20 volunteers and now we have grown and developed to have three centres across Lanarkshire to provide support services for individuals and families affected by life limiting illness.

Without the support of our volunteers and the local community, The Haven would not have been able to grow in the way it has and this has been instrumental to its success and sustainability as a much needed centre of support in Lanarkshire.


What is The Haven?

The word Haven means a safe or a peaceful place and The Haven is exactly that. A place where people affected by a range of life limiting illnesses can come for support at a time when they need it most.

We support people affected by illness such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia and will signpost others to services appropriate to their needs.

The Haven offers a programme of support designed to help individuals cope with the physical, emotional and practical aspects of their illness and to enable them to face the future positively and with hope.


Our stained glass windows

To mark the creation of the original Haven Centre in Blantyre, a stained glass project was launched.

Each of the local primary schools were given the opportunity to work alongside The Haven to design their own special window. Each school was given their own colour.

Blue window

The blue window – Auchinraith Primary School

Based on a popular theme of the seaside and the calming effects of the sea, this window shows a dolphin playing in the waves under a magical blue moon and multicoloured rainbow.

Green window

The green window – Harleeshill Primary School

This design uses ideas from nature, leaf patterns and shapes to produce this harmonious panel. To one side a bird perches on a branch beneath some elegant plant stems. Incorporated onto the bird is the image of a small golden cross.

Yellow window

The yellow window – St Ninian’s Primary School

This design is like a wonderful sunshine. It is almost space like with different planets, stars and suns floating through it.

Red window

The red window – St Brides Primary School

This design is based around two striking images. In the centre, a fan of long stemmed red tulips sits in front of a colourful bird high in the branches of a cherry tree. In the background there are flower and sun patterns.


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